Mike Fawcett

Chair – Brock White Construction Materials

Mike is the Geotechnical Product Manager for Brock White Canada. He is responsible for technical support, education, vendor relationships and business development across Brock White’s network of branches in Western Canada. As a longstanding board member of PGCA and NRCA, and with 18 years of industry experience, Mike understands the challenges and benefits of working within Northern British Columbia and brings a balanced view to the board table.

Mike believes the Association business, whether within the regions or at the provincial level, is to provide programs, training, advocacy, and planroom services to support our members and to encourage youth to consider a career in the fast-paced, vibrant, ICI construction sector.

He believes that collaboration and communication are the foundation required to build our association. He feels privileged to represent our members across the North while working alongside his fellow directors as they collectively provide governance to the NRCA and the BCCA.

Read the full news release announcing Mike’s Board Chair appointment.

Meet the Board

Anthony Minniti
Vice Chair

Don Wightman

Angela McKerlich
Past Chair

Aaron Henry
Board Member

Richard Shipway
Board Member

Cameron Betts
Board Member

Stuart Cuthbert
Board Member

Mike Wallis
Board Member

Byron Tarby
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Adam Timler
Board Member

Bianca Cooper
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