BCCA Apprenticeship Services (BCCA AS) is funded by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and sits within the workforce development stream of BCCA’s strategic focus. We have a province-wide mandate spanning British Columbia. From an HR, operational and logistics perspective, we report to and are supported by BCCA, as our employer. From a program, targets, and funding perspective, we report federally to ESDC.

The BCCA Apprenticeship Services campaign was established due to BC’s construction industry experiencing unprecedented demand as investments in infrastructure drives a post-COVID economic recovery. The goal is to also help overcome financial barriers employers face to hire and train first-year apprentices. The campaign will be a province-wide, no-cost service to small and medium-sized construction employers, who will also receive meaningful financial incentives and additional supports for registering first-year apprentices in a range of construction-related Red Seal trades.

The BCCA Apprenticeship Services campaign supports employers and first-year apprentice job seekers entering any of these construction-related Red Seal trades.

Applications and further information can be found at www.bccassn.com/apprenticeship-services/#application

Yes, one of our registration and employment specialists would gladly assist you with any questions you have. Please visit our about the campaign page for information on how to reach out for assistance.

Once the application has been reviewed and confirmed the company’s designated contact (listed on the application form you submitted) will receive an email from a BCCA Apprenticeship Services registration and employment specialist who will review your application and outline next step.

Once the application has been reviewed and confirmed the company’s designated contact (listed on the application form you submitted) will receive an email from a BCCA Apprenticeship Services registration and employment specialist who will review your application and outline next step.

Applications will be assessed based on criteria developed by the funder, Employment and Social Development Canada, and will be processed in the order in which they are received.

A company must be a small to medium-sized construction-related employer (union or non-union) with under 500 employees. The company must also be registered in BC (have a BC WorkSafe number) and will be obliged to sign a sub-agreement with BCCA Apprenticeship Services prior to hiring/registering a first-year apprentice in any one of the above construction-related trades.

The sub-agreement is a standard legal agreement regarding the distribution/requirement to access financial incentives. Because BCCA is an intermediary acting on behalf of the Government of Canada, the agreement is a funder (government) requirement. The agreement does not mandate an employer to become a member of BC Construction Association.

After an employer has completed the online application form, our registration and employment specialist team will do all the paperwork for employers. Our team will walk you through the steps involved to qualify for financial incentives, providing you with access to FREE recruitment supports, apprenticeship-related advice, Builders Code training and resources. Everything you need to identify, hire and register first-year apprentices and create an inclusive workplace to make the apprenticeship a success.

To qualify for financial incentives, you must sign a Sub-agreement with BC Construction Association before hiring and/or registering your new first-year apprentice. Unfortunately, financial incentives cannot be retroactively applied.

Up to two first-year apprentices each fiscal year, for a total of four first-year apprentices over the entire duration of the campaign from Sept. 2022 to Mar. 2024. The incentive is available after the date you sign a BCCA Apprenticeship Services Sub-agreement. And the specific dates for each year are as follows:

  • Two first-year apprentices can be hired between April 1, 2022, and March 31, 2023.
  • An additional two first-year apprentices can be hired between April 1, 2023, and March 31, 2024.

Nothing. You are under no obligation to hire a new first-year apprentice. You simply won’t be eligible to receive the financial incentives, or Builders Code training.

No. Some suggestions include hiring bonus, gear & work apparel, safety equipment, offset the cost of sick leave, training and mentoring, professional development, raises for field or office staff etc.

Yes, if each division has a separate Business Registration Number with the Canada Revenue Agency or WorkSafe BC number, has 499 employees or less, and is an approved sponsor for apprentices with ITA BC.

Once all the following conditions are met:

  • You have submitted an application form.
  • You have signed a Sub-agreement with BCCA Apprenticeship Services.
  • You have confirmed the new hire.
  • You have registered the apprenticeship with ITA BC and provided proof e.g., electronic copy of sponsorship form or copy of registration email.
  • You have provided your banking information.

Yes, provided you sign the BCCA Apprenticeship Services Sub-agreement before the individual registers as a first-year apprentice with the Industry Training Authority BC (ITA BC) in one of the 39 Red Seal Trades.

Yes, if they became a first-year apprentice in the new trade after you signed the BCCA Apprenticeship Services Sub-agreement. The new trade needs to be one of the 39 Red Seal trades to qualify for the financial incentive.

Yes, if the apprentice was not currently employed by another employer at the time you hired them, and they are still a first-year apprentice (have not progressed to the next level) in one of the designated construction-related  Red Seal trades.

Yes. In this scenario, if the employer is the union (paying the apprentice’s salary), and provided the union meets all the requirements to qualify as a small to medium-sized employer (i.e., must have 500 paid employees or less at the time that it receives the funding), then the union receives the financial incentive.

If the employer is paying the apprentice’s salary, regardless of whether the apprentice is registered by the union, then the employer receives the financial incentive and additional supports.

BCCA Apprenticeship Services is delivering financial incentives to employers across BC on behalf of Employment and Social Development Canada. If your company has operations and apprentice requirements in regions other than BC, you can find additional supports here.

Yes. Fill out our employer application form and our team will reach out to you, provide advice, and connect you with job seekers, recruitment supports and additional workforce development resources for FREE.

No. As per the Government of Canada criteria for this program, you may only receive the financial incentive once per first-year apprentice.

You don’t have to. BCCA Apprenticeship Services will request this voluntary self-declaration from job seekers and/or your identified hires directly. We will also explain why we are collecting the data and that the information is aggregated for government reporting purposes.

We will ask the individual if they wish to voluntarily self-identify as one or more of the six equity deserving groups defined by Government of Canada:

  • Women
  • Indigenous people
  • Newcomer to Canada
  • persons with disability
  • visible minorities
  • LGBTQ2S+

The decision to self-identify is up to the individual apprentice and they may decline. You should not pressure an individual to self-identify, nor assume they are part of one of these groups for the purposes of accessing additional financial incentives. Learn more at Employment Equity Act: Annual Report 2021.

No. BCCA Apprenticeship Services is contracted by Government of Canada to deliver this campaign to all construction-related employers, no matter the affiliation.