Construction File:

Proactive Release of Construction Procurement Information

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BCCA supports the proactive release of construction procurement information to maintain fair, open and transparent public sector procurement.

Information must be proactively released to:

  • ensure consistent information is supplied to all potential firms (fair),
  • increase interest in public sector opportunities (open), and
  • streamline access to information that would be released under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) (transparent).

Critically, the timely sharing of unverified bids results is important to enable general contractors, subcontractors and the entire supply chain to allocate resources to other opportunities.

To maintain fair, open and transparent construction procurement, the following documents and information should be made available, where applicable.

BCCA recognizes the Government of BC has a guidance document called Guidance for the Release Of Information &/or Documents Related To Competitive Procurement Opportunities.  BCCA encourages its adoption and use by all public sector owners.

However, procuring construction services is very different than other forms of procurement, with different norms, legalities, trade agreement requirements and best practices. This is why BCCA supports and advocates for construction-specific policies.

For additional information on the importance of providing construction solicitation information refer to other Construction Files Providing Bid Results and Fair, Open and Transparent Bidding.

Public Sector Transparency Tip Line: If you’re a contractor in BC experiencing a lack of transparency regarding bidding opportunities related to a publicly-funded construction project in BC, we want to hear from you. Fill out our public sector transparency tip line form and we’ll get in touch.

List of activities Timeline
Access to copies of all solicitation documents At time of solicitation
Construction budget value of the project At time of solicitation
Evaluation weighting and criteria At time of solicitation
List of plan holders who have accessed documents With 48 hours of receipt of documents, but no later than 10 days prior to the earliest date of the solicitation closing
List of pre-qualified or invited construction firms At time of solicitation
Attendees at a mandatory or non-mandatory site visit Within 24 hours of site visit
Unofficial ITT Results: Bidders names and bid amounts Within 30 minutes after the solicitation closing time
Names of trade contractors/suppliers who were named, as required in the solicitation documents Within 24 hours of contract award
Overall ITT price of the successful bidder after contract award Within 48 hours of contract award
RFP: Debriefing, proponent’s own individual scores on evaluation criteria, successful proponent’s aggregate evaluation criteria total Notification and offer to provide within 48 hours of contract award