Construction File:

A Summary Guide for BC Construction Industry Standards and Guidelines

BCCA has created this summary of just about anything that you would like to know on how to find information on construction procurement guidelines and standard documents in British Columbia.

This Guideline contains references to the various documents in the industry that have been produced by:

  • The Canadian Construction Documents Committee
  • The Public Construction Council of BC
  • AIBC Standard Document Working Group
  • Canadian Construction Association
  • BC Construction Association

Most of the information in the Guideline relates to Stipulated Price Bidding and provides users with the awareness of resources on:

  • Comprehensive Guidelines
  • Prequalification
  • Invitations to Bid
  • Instructions to Bidders
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Surety Requirements
  • Bid Depository
  • Mandatory Site Visits
  • Model Bid Forms
  • Standard Form of Contract
  • Project Specifications
  • Awarding Contracts
  • Over Budget Negotiations
  • Contract Administration

Much of the information provided above also applies to the other procurement methods; Cost Plus Contracts, Unit Price Contracts, Construction Management and Design Build. However, we have also provided links to resources for information that relates specifically to these procurement methods.

Where documents are available online they are linked from ‘Standard Documents and Guidelines’ on the BCCA Website. CCDC Bulletin 2 includes a description of the CCDC Documents.

Most of these documents have copyright and where infractions of these copyrights have been identified they should be reported to Regional Construction Association. See CCDC Bulletin 23 – The Proper Use of CCDC Copyright Seals.

A current list of Standard Documents is maintained on the website of the Public Construction Council of BC – Except where noted otherwise the Standard Documents referred to in this Guideline are available through the Regional Construction Associations of British Columbia.

The Construction File is a publication of the BC Construction Association.
For additional information contact the BCCA.